"Travel Brings Power and Love Back into Your Life." ~Rumi

About Tranquil Travel Service

Tranquil Travel Service was founded in 2017 in Chicago, Il. We started focusing on family vacations, family reunions and girl’s trips. During the pandemic, Tranquil Travel Service fell in love with everything about romance. We curate unforgettable destination weddings, vow renewals, honeymoons, anniversary and more.

Hi, I am Deanna Moton

….Former Manufacturing Engineer and Production Supervisor turned travel pro.

I remember growing up and always traveling to 2 or 3 family reunions each year. We would travel to New York, Mississippi, Detroit, Memphis and many other locations. I fell in love exploring the various restaurants, activities, beaches, museums and of course shopping areas. 

After I grew up, I began planning these family reunions ranging from 60 to 100 guests. I loved researching the different locations, selecting authentic local cuisine and nightlife for the adults. 

I am a planner by nature and group travel is my “LOVE”. I fell in love with romance travel during the pandemic. During that year not being able to go to the beach, fly to another country, or experience that authentic cuisine had me reminiscing on the vacations me and my husband had at the Bahamas, Caribbean cruise, Cancun, Florida and New Orleans. I really missed the romance and thrill of exploring something new. 

Love is Love and I thrive on helping couples rekindle their romance or by starting a new chapter with family and friends. 

"A couple who travelS together, Grow together"


  • Destination Weddings and Vow Renewal
  • Honeymoon & Anniversaries
  • Family Reunions & Group Travel
  • Babymoons…

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